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#487328 - hippypoet69. black candles in the night soft flicking light casting our shadows on the wall not much talking, bedroom eyes say it all cheap wine drank from a jelly glass she's no Lady and she has no class she turns up the radio to drown out our little rodeo with a grin on her face she moves with grace this woman all in black leaving marks on my back tomorrow I'll have to pay for this night of play I know the cost will be great this woman loves with all the passion of hate when she's through, all her charm is gone then once more, I'll be alone but some day she will return with her black candles to burn then again, somewhere in the night I'll miss her parting flight.

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Que divino
Cima garahau
Like if you have a orgasm watching this hentai
Kaoru kamiya
Now you need to shoot her 50 more times to catch up to what mom and dad did with her
Rinko sakuma
Cornelius alba
Anyone in philly looking for a bestie
Katsuya serizawa
She is soo cute