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#186315 - Garry and I discussed our action and night on the way home, I said that it was most incredible and I would love to do it more, but I do enjoy being a party girl and getting GangBanged by guys more fun and would like to one day maybe with our regular GangBang guys put on a Horse show for them,,,, Garry smiled and look at me that way which you could see he was all ready planning it in his head…… Till next Time Love You All Kristy K. I opted for Missionary I just love having the guy on top,, I took up my position on the bench and the owner with Garry,s help got me ready for my first horse cock, Garry put a lot of lube on my pussy and then started to rub Clit which was already hot from just the excitement of the night, he stuck in a few fingers and they went straight in,,, my pussy is a lot bigger than it used to be due to all the fucking and GangBangs I have had, Well the moment of truth has arrived and the owner brought the Horse over to me, he proceeded to sniff my pussy

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