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#389375 - well as free as she can be. The waitress appeared again, this time with two drinks, Tania sat next to me and started to chat about how the club ran, and how the VIP room was the exclusive room for the very rich patrons, her voice drifted by me like seductive music, my self-control was at its limit, i tried not to look at her perfect mouth ,or her perfect breasts, which seemed more exposed than i remembered earlier, her short dress seemed to be higher, exposing her delicious legs, i could feel myself becoming horny and my desires for her rising rapidly, every now and then she would brush my hand with her's my breath would suck in and i stumbled for words, I wasn't sure if my imagination was running wild or she was flirting with me, the number of drinks i had consumed, started to show, red wine had always loosend my inhibitions and made me horny, Vodka was definetly my weak point, it seemed to not only loosen my control over my legs but my tongue as well, I carefully let my hand drift

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