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#294792 - We continued massaging her, and each sucking on one of her fabulous breasts, with her nipples sticking out proudly, after a while, she sat up, and said we should move to the bedroom, with that we helped her to her feet and headed back to the master bedroom with her shirt wide open. A short time later, I woke up as I felt the bed moving, only to find Will back in between her thighs, with her legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him in as deep as she possibly could, moaning and wiggling, I just laid there pretending to still be asleep, while they tried to stifle there moans as they slowly kissed, and ground there bodies together in ecstasy, again they both began to shake and buck, as he again started filling her with his streams of white sticky cum, she tilted her head back in another orgasm with her eyes tightly shut, again they had a long deep kiss as they laid together in there after glow holding one another tightly. Will asked me if I would be his best man, and I readily accepted

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