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#293109 - My pussy is just so hot and wet at the thought of being taken by all these dominant Asian bitches – if Kagami hadn’t got me tied down spread-eagled across her bed, I would be fingering my clit until I come just from thinking about it! Still, she’s only gone through to the communal room to tell the other girls – not just our flat-mates, but also three other Japanese lesbian students – that I am ready to be fucked raw in any way they want, and gang-banged without mercy. ‘You be cunt for all of us, yes? You our fucking-bitch now, yes?’ I licked my lips, not from fear but from the deep surging churning excitement that was making me sweat and tremble, and my eyes did not waver from hers as I nodded my acceptance again. My desperate attempt to stand on tiptoe to relieve the scything pressure was useless, as the cruel Asian bitch just hauled up further, and I tottered in a near faint, my eyes watering.

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