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#50699 - “No its ok, he said I could sleep on the sofa” I lay there on the bed looking at Tommy as he dried his hair, I had lay in that bed loads of times with this guy, we talked about sex, about wanking, we jokingly called each other poof’s all the time, we had talked about other guys and called them poof’s; we had even wanked together, and lied to each other about the girls we had shagged, although we both knew that the closest we had been to a girl was a quick grope in a dark corner, Neither of us had ever slept with a girl, We would try to convince each other that we had been with girls, saying things like “You don't know her, she lives down at my Grannies, or Cousins part of town” Never at any time had there been any hint that Tommy could be gay, or for that matter that I could be gay, But as we sat there talking all the shite, the same as we did every day, talking about nothing at all, just making noise and telling each other bigger and better lies than the other had

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Tadaomi karasuma
His dick is perfect
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Feet turn me on
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Amazing hentai guys love the wide lens do you shoot with a go pro