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#372771 - you chuckle to your self as they pronounce me yours I give you a death glare before they drag me away. You watch me as it gets all over my hands and face when I’m done I take the bowl and throw it at you even though it misses and hit’s the wall behind me “ooh now that wasn’t nice slave” you say as I stand slowly looking at you food sticking to my fingers and my chin “you will have to learn to be nice” you tell me you take me in your arms as I struggle you grip me tighter pulling me up the stairs I kick and bite at you as you drag me further into your house . I whimper in fear closing my eyes you quickly pierce it threw my flesh.

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Kasumi toyama
Am i the onlyone who thinks clothes made from flags are the ugliest thing ever
Mayura daidouji
Grabe babe gumawa akong account for you the best yung ungol mo nilabasan ako ng dalawang beses sarap mong kainin pag ganyan ka umungol nginig nginig din ako e sumabay ako nung nilabasan ka saraap sobra lagi ako nanunuod ng hentais nyo sarapan mo pa ha bigkasin mo naman name ko pag lalabasan kana wanna eat you babe