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#241719 - Couldn't see her face, huh, Allison replied, well I'll bet she was real pretty since Cary could have his pick of the litter so to speak!! Lindsey slowly shook her head from side to side, while not quite sure how to phrase it, which of course was driving Allison right up the proverbial wall, Good grief, girl, spit it out, you're having a really hard time telling me something, so why don't you just spit it out already!?! I know how you feel about him, Al, Lindsey replied softly, so here, look at this, I'm really sorry, but that's the way it is!!! It was a photo that Lindsey had given her, and even though she was prepared for just about anything, the picture staring back at her nearly caused her to either faint dead away or upchuck her dinner!!! After a a few seconds of absolute quiet, Lindsey patted her friend on the arm and asked, Are you sure you're okay, hon, I didn't want to spring it on you this way but I didn't know how e

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