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Hardcore Touhou Ryoujoku 7 - Touhou project Full Movie

(サンクリ49) [ナギヤマスギ (那岐山)] 東方陵辱7 (東方Project)


Languages: Japanese imhentai
Categories: Doujinshi
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#56078 - Lace let out a low sigh and thought for a moment, resting her fists on the broad curve of her hips, “Well… If anything, there will only be more work for me I guess? Let’s just be careful, okay?” Zu’gar nodded some but felt an empty pit settle in her stomach as the caravan continued on the last leg of their journey. ” As much as Zu’gar didn’t want to leave Lace’s side, she nodded a little agreeing with the assessment and looked around at a lot of uncertain, scared faces, “And what should I do?” “Stay safe, above all else at least do that?” Lace smiled a little, “See if the tavern we were due to stay at, The White Bear, is still safe for us to sleep at, and, if not, see if you can find somewhere where both humans and nonhumans can stay, can you do that?” Zu’gar raised an eyebrow, “I thought we were no longer doing the ‘Master-slave’ bit anymore. So.

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