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#164828 - She manipulated the water in the juices into a small ball the size of a marble and was about to throw it out the window before changing her mind and swallowing it, she licked her lips and went to wake Fletcher. “You forgot!” Fletcher said indignantly, he crossed his arms and tried to look hurt, a difficult feat considering he was still sporting an erection. She started to slowly slide her hand back and forth eliciting a moan from Fletcher, she then brought her mouth to his head and licked away a drop of pre-cum, Fletcher’s legs almost buckled and he slid his hand into her hair, she looked up at him swirling her tongue around his tip, Fletcher moaned quietly trying thrusting his hips trying to get deeper into her mouth, she anticipated this however and leant backwards, so only his tip was in her mouth, he tried not to mewl with need.

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Honestly thought he was dyke lmaoooo sweet looking boy