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#173832 - Emily know how hard it must be for Shelley, and often wished she could do something for her, but she didn’t know what, then one day while she was giving her the lesson Shelley asked, “Emily what does a penis look like”? Emily knew the answer but she found herself asking it any way “Haven’t you seen one”? Shelley shook her head, now Emily know how she could help Shelley, she looked to the clock, they had another hour before Margaret would come in to end the lesson, leaning over Shelley, she closed the page down She was working on and opened the internet up, then typed in a web address, it opened up with pictures of men, she told Shelley to click on one of the pictures, doing this the page opened to a man naked as a jay bird with an erection, Shelley gasped, “Do all men have cocks like this one”? “No these men are porn stars and have much bigger cock then most men, but they are all more or less the same, like our pussies are more or less the same” Shelley turned to Emily and asked what’s

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