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#363768 - I pull out of Carla and bend Kelly over and push my cocks head in, Kellys ass feels a lot smaller than Carlas, so I have to push harder, I feel her ass lips squeeze tighter as my shaft makes its way up her shithole, Kelly cries are muffled as I clamp my hand round her mouth, she tries to bite my hand, she pulls my hand away and I will never forget the words she said next PRETEND YOU ARE RAPING ME with this I placed my hand tight over her mouth as she pretended to scream, Carla took a step back as I wrestled Kelly to the floor my cock still deep in her ass, as we landed on the floor with a slight bump, Kelly really pretended to try and get away, fighting and scratching,and I began pounding away on her ass, under my hand her screams were muffled Carla was egging me on (encouraging me) telling me to fuck her dirty whore of a friend, with these words I could feel my cum begining to release itself, a few more seconds and I shot my load deep into my sisters bowels, my cock and balls sha

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