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Taboo Karada no Kyorikan | 肉体间的距离感 Plump

[栗原ケンシロウ] カラダの距離感 (コミック エグゼ 30) [中国翻訳] [DL版]


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#356138 - “Honey, will you look at the time? Remember I have to get up early tomorrow. Kandy sat quietly in her seat for a moment and then flashed John a questioning look and inquired, “Hey, you didn’t by any chance tell Rex which buttons to push to send me into orbit?” He laughed, rolled his eyes, and didn’t confess to anything, “Orbit huh! Well shouldn’t they know just how many times you circle the earth when you climax? After all according to Julie, she wants to turn you every which way but loose!” Kandy tickled him in the ribs, laughed and chirped, “Smarty pants! I’m really looking forward to being with Julie. “We both enjoy watching each other with other people.

Read Taboo Karada no Kyorikan | 肉体间的距离感 Plump Karada no Kyorikan | 肉体间的距离感

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Shu itsuki
This is just perfect you are my best
I only clicked to find out who she is name