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#245011 - When you get home you open the trunk and pull me out before I have a chance to find out where I am taking me down the stairs to your dungeon setting me on the floor you look down at me smiling “hello there little one” you look over my body well licking your lips as you see all my curves walking over to me you start to caress me slowly and gently you see me look up with fear in my eyes desperately moving my body away from you. The cold water gets higher choking the breath ok of me when it gets to my chest I look up wondering when it will stop it doesn’t it keeps raising till it’s at my chin with me on tip toes a long hose come down with what looks like a dildo on the end smiling you say “if you want to breath suck on it” I look at you with hatred in my eyes as I slip my mouth around it breathing deeply as the water covers me. “slave did I say you could make noise” I shake my head then let it hang submissively “perhaps we should teach you silence” you tell me as you leave my side comin

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