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#130508 - i was going to go down and lick her pussy but she said not to as it was that time of the month just to fuck her i was a bit wary . hi this is my first story like a fairy tale it all began long ago she was about 8 or 9 at the time i know it sounds young but just listen we that is my family always done charity work one day we got a fold down bed from one of our collections my sister said to me that night why dont we sleep in it so we can make sure it is ok so i said ok. we used to play up the loft/attic in the five appartment house this was the first time i tried to put my cock up her fanny i didnt have much luck but i got it inside her little cunt an pushed it wasnt that great for me then one of my mates said about making holes in the roof and floor to see into the bathroom or the floor below i told him no but when he left i started making holes all over the house first in my favorite place he loft i could now see my big sister masturbating or getting fucked from her boy fri

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