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#143114 - Okay here's my story my cousin comes in from out of town every couple times a year to visit and he usally will sleep over at my house one evry time he visit so this one time he sleep over at my house he where watchig tv down stares and we disided to go to bed so we did but there was only one bed open and that was my bed because why parents and other brother where sleeping inthe other two beds we had so anyways me and my cousin both sleeped in my bed and we were talking about like how many blow jabs and stuff we got by girls and stuff and he asked if I wanted to Jack off with him and I didn't think nothing of it so I said yes and he started to jack off then after awhile he grabed my dick and started to give me a hand job and it felt amazing so he told me to gave his and do the same so I did and after a while we bout jizzed over eachothers hands and we just cleaned up and stuff then we just layed there and though how amazing that felt then he asked if he asked if I wanted him t

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The girl with the yellow outfit is super fun lmao